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At the Rutherford Education Center, we go above and beyond to equip these students with the essential tools for success. Our comprehensive program includes personalized guidance from experienced teachers, invaluable practice exams, meticulous interview preparation, expert essay assistance, and a wide range of additional resources to ensure their readiness

What Is BCA/BT Testing

BCA testing refers to the Bergen County Academies Entrance Exam, which is a crucial assessment for 8th-grade students seeking enrollment in the Bergen County Academies.

  • Bergen County Academies is are tuition-free public magnet high schools with seven academic and professional divisions, serving Bergen County residents.

  • Highly competitive admission process admits around 270 students from over 1,600 applicants annually, with an admissions rate of approximately 15%.

  • Application process includes recommendation letters, exams, and interviews.

The English Test

Within the timeframe of forty-five minutes, students are asked to read a passage and craft an essay in response. The evaluation of the essay revolves around several key criteria: comprehension, where the demonstration of understanding is crucial; insight, which entails establishing a clear thesis; organization, ensuring proper paragraph structure and logical sequencing; support, where the thesis is reinforced with pertinent facts from the passage; style, demanding a clear and mature writing voice; and finally, grammar and spelling, which contribute to the overall quality of the composition.

The Math Test

The mathematics assessment comprises 40 multiple-choice questions, and students are allotted sixty minutes to complete it. The questions encompass fundamental math skills and word problems, with the initial twenty questions generally being more straightforward compared to the latter twenty. Students who have studied algebra and geometry during their middle school years usually perform well on the entrance test.

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